Ferretti Tradizione & Design was founded in 1982 by the wish of Renzo and Paola Ferretti and their family to convey their values of excellence in furnishing culture. Today, Tradizione & Design unites perfectly the company’s positioning with new human resources that has taken the lead in the recent years: Barbara Ferretti e Marco Pasquinucci, young minds that innovate the family’s tradition with new concepts of style and design. Tradizione & Design is guided by principles that are fundamental to a specific business model. The aim is to create a home environment to fulfill the needs and requests of the client with upmost care and quality. Our mission is to transform the client’s desires into reality. Ferretti Tradizione & Design furniture is immediately recognisable, for it represents the best of research entirely conceived for the client. Our team of architects and interior designers takes into account the personality and the imprint that the client must have in what surrounds him/her. Feeling comfortable at home is our main and essential purpose. Ferretti Tradizione & Design is different and distinctive in every aspect. The Brand is characterised by its interpretation of a new “art of living the house” through its works. It embodies an elegance made of creative rules: cosmopolitan, refined, unique and inimitable. It’s a product that evolves with time. It’s uninhibited and sophisticated, functional and endearing. Tradizione & Design follows the rules of true elegance, passion and sensibility, which are fundamental elements that make this company unique.